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WelcomeWelcome to Human Performance and Training at GSU. HPT is a sequnce under the Department of Communication and Training. Each sequence is distinct and the topics studied are very different so you want to make sure you select the program that is right for your career aspirations.

If you are unsure of what sequence you wish to pursue then remain in HPT because it is easier to switch from HPT to Communication Studies than vice versa. HPT is a very structured program in that it teaches a specific content domain of skill sets. On the other hand, Communication Studies, particularly the study of communication such as interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational, is more theoretical and allows more flexibility in choosing electives. As a result, you can often use HPT classes as electives for Communication Studies but most Communication classes cannot be used within HPT with some exceptions that are addressed later in this unit.


Have I Been Assigned to the Correct Advisor?

If you are an HPT student, then your advisor is Dr. Lanigan. If you are an HPT student and Dr. Lanigan is not your advisor, then you are NOT listed in the system as an HPT student. You need to send an e-mail to your present advisor and tell them that you are an HPT student and you need to switch to Dr. Lanigan. Likewise, if you are not an HPT student, then Dr. Lanigan should not be your advisor. If she is, let her know so she can hook you up with the appropriate advisor.

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