Human Performance and Training Presents: The Distinguished Scholars

Distinguished Scholar Awards

Dr. Mary Lanigan started the Distinguished Scholars program in 1998. The purpose of this program is to honor a select group of students who out perform their peers on an on-going basis. To be nominated as a Human Performance and Training Distinguished Scholar, the students need to meet the following criteria.

Criteria To Receive The Award
There are two main criteria to be nominated for this award.

Criteria 1: The student needs to have received the highest total points for most of their HPT classes. In other words, based upon the total points students can earn in each HPT classes, those students who are nominated for this award will typically earn either the first or second highest amount of total points for their classes.

Criteria 2: Students need to exhibit professional behavior as defined by the following:

Thus, the student needs to consistently:

  •  turn work in on time,
  • produce work beyond the minimal requirements,
  • enjoy or look like they are enjoying their tenure in the HP&T program,
  • not whine or complain,
  • accept that sometimes students need to put in a lot of time and energy into their studies and assignments, take responsibility for their own actions and accept the consequences;
  • be proactive rather than reactive,
  •  network with other professionals,
  • accept that one cannot have everything--
    you may have to make personal sacrifices when one's private life conflicts with one's professional life,
  • accept legitimate authority over you- even when you know that authority may be wrong, and,
  • accept constructive feedback.

Students Who Have Received This Award


  • Jeff Easley


  • Nick Glorioso
  • Dave Maciag


  • Deborah Michalski - Exemplary Award
  • MaryJo Burfeind
  • Christine Vause


  • David Betz


  • Jennifer R. Bentley
  • Angie Vincent


  • Emily A. Ricci


  • Tracy A. Thomas


  • Pamela Caddick - Exemplary Award
  • Jennifer Tadin


  • Salwa Rahim-Dillard
  • Cathy McNierney - Exemplary Award


  • Caryn M. Becker